We took the first prize!

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On the weekend Freedom Potential took part in the Techstars Startup Weekend – a 54 hours marathon to develop and pitch a new startup idea.

Startup Weekend nd is all about pitching, business model creation, prototyping, designing, and market validation, with the final pitch delivered in front of the judging panel.

We battled it out against some other innovative groups presenting Edit on The Spot

Edit on the Spot is a global platform that allows us to capture your live feed while you are filming or live-streaming and edit simultaneously.

Judges looked at:

  1. Business Model: How do we plan on making this a successful business?
  2. Customer Validation: Are we building something that people actually want?
  3. Execution & Design: Demonstrate an established MVP — the minimum set of product features to be able to start collecting data.

This was an intensive weekend where we displayed the working system of remote editing of the event while filming it, thanks to the technical ingenuity and innovative approach by co-founder Martin Renaud and we took the first prize! 

Huge thanks to our judges:

To our team: Christie McCabe, Darryl Astin, Giorgio Reichel 

And to the organisers of the event – Sharon Hunneybell from the Gold Coast Innovation Hub and  Baden U’Ren from Bond University.

We are excited for the next step of our new venture – Edit on the Spot!