Unlocking the Potential of Hybrid Events:

Learn How to Create Engaging Hybrid Events with Affordable Tech and Innovative Ideas


Unlocking the Potential of Hybrid Events:

Learn How to Create Engaging Hybrid Events with Affordable Tech and Innovative Ideas

Who is it for?

Conference speakers, workshop presenters, trainers, experts, coaches, consultants and businesses that rely on producing content, presentations, educating and training.

In today’s environment, livestreaming events and running them in the hybrid format is very popular and yet not many know how to run them seamlessly and maximise this opportunity. 

Martin will show you the key elements of an engaging hybrid event, so you can increase sales and reach a wider audience with world-class tech and innovative ideas to produce authentic brand and event experiences.

About Martin Renaud

Martin Renaud is the Head of Production of Freedom Potential and CPO of AI-driven startup: Edit on the Spot. 

With almost 20 years of experience in the independent video industry and events production, Martin is a producer with a wide range of skills across the television, web and film industries. He has been involved in over 350 independent projects of expressive and commercial nature for the web, Australian TV and International film festivals and live-streamed close to 500 events.

“I am passionate about supporting small and medium-sized businesses in creating great content.

At Freedom Potential we help speakers increase ROI on their events by recording, live-streaming and repurposing content. We share our best practices and offer a fast turnaround, reliable quality and a 100% satisfaction guarantee at an affordable price for your event and video production”

This webinar will cover:

Gain insight into hybrid events, events tech and live-streaming

Our webinar will dive deep into what makes an engaging hybrid event and explore the possibilities of live and hybrid events, so you can learn how to create the perfect event.

Discover strategies for promotion

Learn effective strategies to promote your hybrid events, including how to leverage digital platforms, advertisement opportunities, and social media engagement.

Maximize Your Sales

Stay ahead of the curve and increase your sales by learning how to maximize your event content and reach more people. Our webinar will help you understand how you can use hybrid events to drive more revenue and gain more customers.

Optimize for maximum impact

Get guidance on how to repurpose your content for maximum impact, so you can extend your reach, build brand awareness, increase sales, and more.

Case studies & examples included

Get inspired by real-life examples and case studies during the webinar so you can understand the potential of hybrid events, their impact, and how they can benefit your business.

Do not underestimate the power of video, the importance of telling your authentic story, leveraging live streaming and investing in your event strategy!