Difference Between the Live Streamed Event and Hybrid Event

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When you think about how audiences are consuming content today, there’s a world of difference between the way they watch a live-streamed event versus a hybrid event.

The question becomes this, “which one is right for my event?”

I’m going to break down these two methods in this blog post so you can make an informed decision on how to stream your next event.



A live-streamed event is exactly that, a live video of your presentation or keynote that viewers can tune into during the stream. Think webinar, TED talk, keynote, presentation, workshop, panel discussion, or training.

With a live-streamed event, audiences only have access to what happened at that point in time. It is highly recommended to record the livestream and repurpose it creating multiple pieces of content for promotion or turning it into an online course, training or webinar that people can re-watch. We’ve livestreamed hundreds of events and can assist you in choosing the right strategy that in the past has made our clients tens of thousands of dollars.

Live streaming has seen explosive growth – rising from 1.97 trillion hours watched in 2019 to 3.93 trillion in 2020 worldwide. Live video streaming is growing faster than any other social media format. We already talk about a Livestream Economy considering the growing number of ticketed and monetised livestreams.

The live streaming craze has greatly impacted the online events industry. A recent survey by Eventbrite shows that over 50% of people who watch live videos of events take action when prompted to do so. This means that live video is not only generating interest in conferences or events, but is also driving conversions. More and more conferences and events are incorporating live streaming into their onboarding and speaker experience.

Livestreaming will be part of the “new normal” after the pandemic. As events and live concerts return to normal, livestreaming can complement them by breaking borders and making it possible for a presenter to reach more markets, without the time and expense normally required by physical travel, generating significant revenue opportunities.


With a hybrid event, you have the benefit of running a live event and broadcasting it online at the same time. This makes it easy to share with people who can’t attend the event in person. Event organisers can benefit from it by inviting speakers, presenters or panellists to participate in the broadcast without time constraints or travel expenses.

The hybrid format creates a more personal connection between the speaker and the audience. Clients who choose to include a live video streaming component into their live event have seen drastic increases in attendance, as well as engagement. The engagement that is being generated is because live-streamed video offers something that typical videos can’t provide: live interaction with a speaker and the audience.

There are multiple virtual event software applications available that will allow you to turn your event audience into a collaborative digital community. Look for different functionalities, such as the interactive virtual conference platform’s activity feed, display for announcements and important meetings, webinars, or conference updates, ability to share pre-recorded videos from event speakers, and functionalities that will allow your guests to easily find their next session and interact with one another.

The success of your hybrid event depends on the preparation. You want to make sure that in-person and online attendees are equally engaged. In its essence, you are delivering two experiences in one event. In order to achieve that, have an onsite representative dedicated exclusively to your virtual attendees. They can talk to the attendees specifically about their virtual experiences and introduce virtual-only sessions or networking opportunities. For larger and longer events, you can offer your virtual attendees exclusive virtual-only interviews with industry experts, or panel discussions with thought leaders.

Even though a hybrid event requires more preparation and planning, it is not as complex as it sounds. By engaging an experienced provider and choosing a reliable platform, you will ensure the success of your project.

Working with Freedom Potential as your event technology partner is the easiest way to organise and create your virtual/online or physical events. We will handle all the event technological requirements, live streaming, filming and post-production.

In 2020 we opened doors to our versatile, visually engaging studio on the Gold Coast offering broadcast-quality, live-streaming capabilities and a venue for a live audience of up to 40 people. The studio’s flexible set features a range of backdrops and stage floor, multi-camera and full sound system, professional lighting, a green room and office space.

Whether you choose our studio or your preferred location, we will provide a thorough consultation and the highest level of service to make your event a success.