140 EVENTS in 2023!

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What a journey it has been! I broke my personal record of events I produced and worked on as a Technical Director, Senior Vision Operator, and Show Caller across the A/V and video production industry at Freedom Potential, Encore APAC and International Convention Centre Sydney (ICC Sydney).

2023 was an exceptional year for Sydney and I was privileged to play a part in some of the largest events: from the inclusive celebration of World Pride to the electrifying FIFA Women’s World Cup, the creativity of SXSW Sydney, and the cutting-edge SIGGRAPH Asia-Pacific — we were there, making each event a resounding success.

Working at international conferences, charity galas, awards ceremonies, graduations and many other incredible events I had the opportunity to meet some of the Greats in our cultural landscape: Nicole Kidman, James Cameron, Gold Medalist Natalie Cook, Deepak Chopra, the head creatives of Disney and Marvel VFX teams, some of the top executives in the Medical, Financial, Energy, AI and Innovation sectors. 

The new year marks a thrilling beginning as we are bringing our software startup Edit on the Spot to the events production market with our real-time AI editing workflow. 

Edit on the Spot is a startup that uses AI-powered algorithms to simplify post-production workflows by automating the process of capturing, repurposing, and sharing videos effortlessly. 

Using AI-powered algorithms, it efficiently tackles video management problems for events and conferences by segmenting recordings into sessions automatically and top-and-tailing event productions quickly. 

Redundant file transfers and transcoding tasks become a thing of the past. In the ever-evolving landscape of event technologies, Edit on the Spot aims to make a meaningful impact, offering event tech companies an opportunity to refine their video editing processes, making it only efficient, saving valuable time and minimising costs. 

I’m grateful for the many doors that have opened to me and my team in 2023. To all our partners, collaborators, and clients, I extend my heartfelt thanks for your trust and support. 

Looking forward to working with you this year and contributing to your success. Here’s to another year of innovation, collaboration and growth!

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