Smart Savings: The Impact of Pre-Production on Video Production Costs

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Every business at some point utilises video production to promote its product or services. Whether you are creating Business Introduction Videos, Brand Establishment Videos, Corporate Overview Videos, Video Interviews, Lead Generation Videos, you can drastically save costs on video production with well-planned Pre-Production.

Pre-production is the crucial phase that precedes the actual filming of a project, whether it’s big or small, from a documentary, television show, commercial, or a social media clip, this preparatory stage sets the foundation for a successful production. It includes activities such as finalising the script, assembling the cast and crew, scouting locations, securing equipment, and creating a shooting schedule. Avoiding errors during pre-production is vital, as mistakes can have detrimental effects on the project. To ensure a well-managed pre-production phase, it’s essential to focus on key aspects of the process.

Here’s a breakdown of the essential elements to consider during pre-production:

  1. Story Development: Whether you’re working with a script, treatment, or commercial outline, it’s essential to refine the story you aim to tell. Evaluate the story’s structure, flow, and believability. Multiple script revisions are common, allowing you to enhance character development and eliminate any non-essential elements. Avoid overdirecting on paper, as this should be the director’s responsibility. A well-prepared script before shooting ensures smoother production.
  1. Detailed Outline: When working on a video, especially, and advertising or commercial video, precision is key. Define the exact story you want to convey and provide specific guidelines on actors, visuals, and the overall look and feel. Casting is a critical aspect, and you must specify every detail, from main actors to minor roles. A comprehensive outline helps you source the right talent and create a cohesive production.
  1. Structuring the Journey: Even if you’re not working with a traditional script, having a clear structure is vital. This roadmap will guide your project and help everyone involved understand the goals. An organised outline streamlines the creative process and aligns your team’s efforts.
  1. Breakdown Preparation: The breakdown stage involves identifying all elements required for each scene. This includes locations, sets, characters, props, visual effects, and costumes. A comprehensive breakdown ensures nothing is overlooked and helps in planning and resource allocation.
  1. Styling and Production Design: Wardrobe choise and the set design is an important aspect of your production’s visual identity. Collaboration with stylists, production designers, and other relevant departments will help to maintain a consistent look throughout the project. Ensure you consider costume variations and necessary duplicates.
  1. Props and Set Dressings: Everything that characters interact with on set, from props to set details, must be carefully planned. Effective coordination with the production design team is crucial. It’s advisable to start this process early to avoid last-minute issues.
  1. Visual Effects Planning: Visual effects range from minor touches to complex computer-generated elements. Clearly defining your visual effects needs during pre-production allows for efficient execution during filming and post-production. Collaboration with key creatives and storyboarding ensures a shared understanding of the visual effects required.
  1. Financing and Budgeting: Securing financing is a fundamental aspect of pre-production. This involves finding distribution partners, investors, and co-producers. Creating an accurate budget is vital to attract financing and avoid underestimating or overestimating costs.
  1. Crew Assembling: Building your team is a critical pre-production task. Line producers, unit production managers, and first assistant directors play key roles in coordinating various aspects of the project. The crew’s composition and early involvement can significantly impact the success of the production.
  1. Casting: Finding the right actors for your project is a meticulous process. Consider using casting agencies or advertising roles, depending on the project’s size. Auditions are essential to evaluate actors’ suitability for their roles and ensure chemistry among the cast.
  1. Equipment Procurement: Depending on your project’s scale, you may need to rent recording, sound, and lighting equipment. Seek equipment rental discounts for longer durations and explore opportunities for crew members to provide equipment. Early coordination with rental houses is crucial.
  1. Location Scouting: For both studio and outdoor shooting, location scouting is essential. This step helps identify suitable settings and assess logistical considerations. It’s advisable to involve an experienced location manager to handle the logistics.
  1. Rehearsals: Rehearsing is vital for fine-tuning all elements, such as script reading, character chemistry, and technical rehearsals. It helps resolve issues and ensures a smooth transition from pre-production to production.
  1. Shooting Schedule: Creating a detailed shooting schedule is the final step in pre-production. It involves determining the sequence of scenes based on various factors, including actor and location availability, scene characteristics, and emotional intensity. A well-structured schedule is essential for a successful production.

To summarise, the pre-production serves as the foundation upon which the success of a commercial video, a show, or any video production is built. A well-executed pre-production phase ensures that the subsequent stages of production and post-production can proceed smoothly, increasing the likelihood of a successful final product. By addressing these key elements during pre-production, you’ll avoid stress, uncertainty and extra costs during the production.

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