Over 150 events livestreamed!

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Yesterday I had a realisation. Looking back at the past 2 years I’ve calculated that we’ve live-streamed over 150 events!

Before Covid, we were handling two, sometimes three events every weekend, handling video recording, streaming and AV. During the restrictions, more industries adopted the livestreaming technology, we started to broadcast weddings, funerals and corporate events.

If before livestreaming was reserved for bigger players, now the technology has evolved and became more affordable. If you are unsure how you can benefit from livestreaming and professional video production, give us a call, the consultations are free and we’ll be glad to answer all your questions.

There is a lot of information available on how to do it yourself using just a phone or a simple camera. Attempts to do it yourself, however, can negatively reflect on your brand. We’ve seen many poor quality videos with bad angles, sound and lighting. The retention rate of those videos are very low and it cannot be repurposed. Viewers are becoming more and more sophisticated, looking not only for great and useful content, but for elements of engagement, comfort and entertainment.

The set up we use for small to midsize events is a one-man operation system including three camera angles, presentation slides, live-switching, A/V, professional lightning and edited footage delivered the next day.

Our kits are designed to provide an easy and affordable solution to small and medium businesses and events up to 250 people. 

Live streaming video content is no longer a trend but an expectation. According to industry research, live videos hold users’ attention 10-20x longer than pre-recorded, on-demand content. (Forrester, 2017). And the best thing, any livestreamed content is recorded so you can repurpose it. From one day of shooting you can create an online course, a training course, a summit, or any other digital product.  

Get in touch to chat what’s suitable for you and how you can engage video and livestreaming to captivate, engage and retain your audience.