What Does a Video Production Company Do?

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As a video production company, we usually work on many aspects to produce all kinds of videos, including scripting, location scouting, and logistics. Video production teams work with other companies to help them produce the content they want.

Many people think that a video production company is the same as a film production studio, but that’s not quite true. Film studios typically create videos intended for cinema or television, whereas, video production companies work on advertisements, corporate videos, training or promotional productions, event videos, and more.

Video Production Services

Different video productions offer different kinds of services, some even focus their expertise on producing specific types of videos for companies that prefer to work with a specialized production team for their niche.

Although it helps to have a specialty or a very specific niche, it’s not necessary for video production companies. It’s actually good to knowledge and experience working on a variety of production projects as it opens up a wider market.

The most common services that video production companies offer are listed below. Note that this list is not exhaustive and only includes the most common and popular video production services offered.

  1. Corporate Videos

Companies usually hire videographers to create corporate videos for various reasons. Corporate videos usually tell the company’s story and culture but it also acts as an umbrella term for all videos produced for organizations that are for-profit — like training videos, case studies, product videos, and more.

  1. Wedding Videography

Usually, couples hire videographers to record their weddings and compile the highlights into a cinematic film. Many videographers now offer live streaming as part of their wedding videography packages.

  1. Social Media Video Production

As social media becomes more and more popular, the demand for social media video productions is growing too. To accommodate the growing market for it, video producers are offering social media video packages to their clients.

Social media videos can range from video marketing content materials to vlogger and influencer content. Production companies often help with filming and editing these types of videos.

  1. Event Videos

Video production companies are hired by event organizers to film their events and produce video content out of them. Event video services mostly include on-site filming and editing. Video production companies also offer live streaming services for most events nowadays due to the high demand for live videos online.

  1. Commercials

Commercials are ads commonly created for TV. Producing commercials can sometimes require large production teams and studios but video production companies are still involved in this kind of service despite commonly having smaller teams.

  1. Video Editing

Sometimes, clients hire video production teams for the sole purpose of editing their existing videos. In this case, clients come in with raw videos they recorded and let the team handle all post-production processes.

This service is also offered to other production companies who are overwhelmed with projects and need to outsource some help.

When Should You Hire a Video Production Company?

The short answer: Anytime you need a video produced.

Video production companies offer a huge variety of services and whatever kind of video content you need, there is surely a company that has the expertise to help you realize your visions. Even if you simply need help with pre-production, there will be a video production company that’s suited to help you with that.

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